Period Tracker

Tracking your period helps you understand and anticipate monthly patterns, so let Carefree® help you gauge when yours is scheduled to arrive.

Carefree® Liners

All-in-one liners for every day – light period flow, light bladder leaks, everyday freshness, and everything in between

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Stayfree® Pads

All-in-one pads with maximum protection for light to heavy period flow, bladder leaks, and moisture

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Multi-Fluid Protection

Multi-Fluid Protection

Absorbs periods, bladder leaks, and moisture

Up to 8 Hours of Odor Control<sup>1</sup>

Up to 8 Hours of Odor Control1

For all day freshness

Traps Leaks Fast

Traps Leaks Fast

Locks in fluids to keep you feeling dry

Full System of Protection

Full System of Protection

Available in several lengths, absorbencies, and formats to meet your needs

The Blog

Diving into everything from periods to light bladder leakage and more

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Our Impact

Causes we support and organizations we partner with to make a difference

Our Work

¹Carefree® Thong Liners do not contain 8-Hour Odor Control