Help you be Ready for Anything® life throws at you

Periods are predictable, yet unpredictable. As we go through life, they can change and evolve repeatedly. Add in cramps, weakened bladders, leaks, and more – it’s not easy. Whether we work, raise kids, or both, we don’t really get days off. That’s why we deserve protection from all that life demands of us. Carefree® liners and Stayfree® pads are made for all these needs, so you can be ready for anything life throws at you.

The History of Carefree® and Stayfree®

Carefree® and Stayfree® have been providing trusted protection for decades. We have helped push the menstrual care category forward by introducing several new types of pads and liners over the years, focused on performance and comfort. And we just keep getting better.

  • 1976 Launch of Carefree®
  • 1979 Launch of Stayfree® Ultra Thin Pads
  • 1984 First Carefree® breathable liner
  • 1987-88 Stayfree® introduced wings and folding wrap
  • 1990 Stayfree® launched Odor Control Technology
  • 1993 First Carefree® contoured liner
  • 2000 Launch of Carefree® Thong liner
  • 2001 Stayfree® introduced double four-wall channel with anti-leak core
  • 2011 Carefree® Acti-Fresh® launch: uniquely combines panty-like comfort and absorbency
  • 2017 Stayfree® launched All-in-One technology for period flow, leaks, and moisture